About Usha Rajagopal MD

Dr. Usha Rajagopal is a lead surgeon coming from an excellent background in plastic surgery, which makes her a trusted and reliable option for anyone considering plastic surgery, including but not limited to breast augmentation, facial surgeries such as a facelift, and body contouring procedures, even those that are non-invasive. Specializing in medical procedures that make people feel beautiful and confident in their body, she is the Medical Director and lead surgeon at her own medical facility in San Francisco. Cosmetic and plastic surgery is, unfortunately, a business that is overpopulated with men, and Dr. Usha Rajagopal offers clients the comfort of working with a woman surgeon who knows the societal demands of beauty, and how important it is to have a sensitive consultant when making a decision to change your body and your life. She offers her patients a private and comfortable place to delve into the sensitive details of the plastic surgery.

She is a graduate of Southwestern Medical School at Dallas, and she graduated in the top 10 percent of her class. She also completed her degree with honors, which is important for those who understand that choosing the best within the field is ultimately choosing the best results for yourself. This specific university also specializes in compassionate patient care, meaning that Dr. Rajagopal will provide the kind of consultation and aftercare needed in order to make any surgery comfortable and secure. With this kind of work ethic, it is obvious that Dr. Usha Rajagopal brings a kind of passion into her field that was previously missed by the majority. She understands that being a doctor is more than just the actual work, but the patient relationships surrounding the procedures, even when it involves working with the family to get the support needed for patients. Plastic surgery is a serious business, whereas any slight mistake can make a significant difference in the procedure. Dr. Rajagopal knows this and lets the knowledge inspire her to produce work that both she and her clients can be proud of displaying.

She has also completed a fellowship in Plastic Surgery while at the University of California in San Francisco. Her choice of schools really reflects on her ethics, and the University of California not only requires academic excellence from their students, but they also require community service. It is no coincidence that Dr. Rajagopal chose this school to complete her fellowship through. Plastic surgery is more than just creating the perfect image we want for ourselves, it is also about finding the confidence to succeed, or helping reconstruct those who have been in accidents. She believes in what she does as something that helps people, and she’s passionate about that pursuit.

She has been featured on Body Beautiful show through Kron 4 multiple times, and Medical Minutes for being a recognized leader in cosmetic plastic surgery. Through Body Beautiful, Dr. Rajagopal explains what the mommy makeover procedures are, through lifts and tummy tucks. She understands the complications that come with after pregnancy for those who can’t get their original body shop back, regardless of gym efforts. She understands the different types of bodies and reactions to having a child and knows how to handle each mother’s needs individually and effectively. To view a few of these videos, you can click here to view laser resurfacing interview, click here for laser tattoo removal process, or even click here for the previously mentioned mommy makeover video interviews. Dr. Rajagopal’s in-person interviews is the best way to really capture how knowledgeable and helpful she is on these sensitive body image issues.

She is an operating leader in cosmetic plastic surgery and has been doing so for over twenty years. Her location was first established in 1997 in the Bay Area of California and has stayed a leader since day one. This shows Rajagopal’s dedication to growing within her industry. She is Board Certified, which means she has top recognition for her skill and is qualified among the best for any procedure she offers.

Dr. Rajagopal understands that the people she provides these services too are choosing more than just a surgery, they are choosing a lifestyle change, whether it be professionally or personally because they know they deserve something better than what they were handed. Because of this, she offers completely transparent prices through her website and through over-the-phone assistance so that those who need to plan and budget have the opportunity to know all details pertaining to their goals while working to find the right procedures at the right prices. Her attention to detail means that every patient reaches long-lasting, natural results so that they can achieve that optimal confident feeling.


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